Education Plaza

The purpose of Education Plaza is to promote and create opportunities for collaborative educational development involving educators, educational administrators, policy makers, the academic community and other stakeholders, working in communities of practice, both online and in physical spaces.

Model of Education Plaza and links to communities of practice.

Model of Education Plaza and links to communities of practice.

Among Education Plaza’s primary objectives are:

  • support communities of practice and professional development, particularly in  areas involving new media literacies and technologies;
  • strengthen links between community members and associated networks;
  • encourage open communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing;
  • build bridges between key players in the Icelandic education system.

The Education Plaza is a collaborative initiative supported by:

The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
The School of Education, University of Iceland
The City of Reykjavík – Department of Education
The Icelandic Teachers’ Union
The Icelandic Association of Local Authorities

More detailed information on Education Plaza can be found here: EducationPlaza: Teachers’ professional development (published in the Proceedings of the European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN) 2013 Annual Conference).

To contact Education Plaza:
Tryggvi Thayer, Project Manager
Tel: (+354) 525 5934

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